Polaris Music Group, LLC was founded by Beatrice Johnson in Columbus, Ohio in 2003 and relocated to Georgia in 2011. After several years of operating Polaris Music Group as a one-woman operation. Beatrice decided to shift the focus of Polaris Music Group in a new direction that continues to carry out the original goal of managing and coaching struggling artists as well as offering several new services to the menu.

Polaris Music Group plans to launch a full-service entertainment management agency in early Summer 2016 by joining together a community of music professionals. From independent entrepreneurs to music professionals in the United States and Canada, Polaris Music Group will offer artist development training and administrative support.


Polaris Music Group's mission is to assist artists and music entrepreneurs, as well as the self-managed artist who wants to learn how to take charge of their own management efforts. Nowadays, artists are no longer checking for those big recording contracts. Artist, more than ever, are releasing their own digital EP's and albums and independent music professionals are constantly trying to compete with the larger firms without a support system.

This mission came about as a result of observing many music entrepreneurs and self-managed artists that were not well educated about the business of music. Polaris Music Group believes that well-educated music entrepreneurs and self-managed artists, operating with a solid foundation of knowledge, administrative support and just an overall understanding of the music business, would run a better business and achieve more solid results for themselves. Polaris Music Group also believes that every artist, whether their self-managed or not should have the same opportunities as a major artist. That is why we assist our clients with the necessary skills to maneuver successfully through the entertainment industry. We do this, by making sure our clients are well prepared and positioned to cease every opportunity. Our overall goal is to help make sure our client’s career is one with a strong foundation for longevity and profitability.


Beatrice E. Johnson - CEO/Founder

Beatrice Johnson has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Prior to launching Polaris Music Group, Beatrice was a booking agent by trade. Beatrice founded BEE Management Booking in 1995 and she went on to have a 10-year run offering booking services for artists and promoters. Beatrice also held the position as Talent Buyer for The Alrosa Villa, one of the oldest running night clubs in Ohio. Beatrice later worked for Infantry Records as an A&R Representative and Artist Development Director.

Tiffany Brinkley - Marketing Manager

Tiffany Brinkley has worked for Polaris Music Group as our Public Relations/Marketing Intern for the past two summers. Tiffany has also has work for Branded Voice as a Social Media Marketing Manager Intern. Polaris Music Group liked Tiffany’s work ethic so much that we offered her a full-time position within PMG as our Marketing Manager. Tiffany currently holds a bachelor's degree in Entertainment Business and she is currently enrolled in Full Sail University’s Marketing Master’s Degree Program.

Orlando Grind - A&R Director

Polaris Music Group would like to welcome Orlando Grind as our newest member and Director of A&R. Orlando’s passion for entertainment has lead him to venture into many endeavors such as music, film, sports, and merchandising. In 2009, Orlando discovered Cash Money Records’ recording artist Jacquees. Two years later he then discovered Donielle Hansley, whom now is better known as “Lil Dee Dee” of Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network show “If Loving You Is Wrong” and the CW Network show “Containment”.