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Project Management

We will take care of your marketing plan from start to finish. Our managers will create and execute a comprehensive strategy, ensuring that all teams are informed of the latest developments to maximize efficiency.

We specialize in identifying, recommending, and engaging the most efficient and cost-effective partnerships for you. Our services include digital and physical distribution, publicity, radio and video promotion, social media management, online services, booking agents, touring, and sponsorships. We ensure that your creative vision is protected throughout the process.

These services can include but are not limited to:

•  Staff your virtual record label
•  Create and execute your marketing plan
•  Ensure consistent imaging and marketing tools – website, photos, videos, EPK, etc.
•  Seek out worthwhile performance appearances.
•  Find the best distribution partner that is right for your release.
•  Developing strategic marketing partnerships with brands and their agencies
•  Organizing and scheduling all social media outreach
•  We will leverage our contacts among artists, managers, music supervisors, and major media outlets to gain exposure and maximize every artist's potential!

*Space is limited - offers subject to current openings and availability.
We offer flexible monthly retainers at hourly rates and commission pay on all contract projects (subject to availability).
Please get in touch with us for more information and rates.