Polaris Music Group can position you in the right direction to move forward. We offer exclusive and non-exclusive services. Polaris Music Group also has put together a team of consortiums such as photographers, choreographers, media and vocal coaches to aid our clients in other areas outside of our scope of services. Exclusive management and booking are at the discretion of Polaris Music Group, LLC. For those individuals that are looking for other services, such as production, mixing, mastering and/or artist development, please contact us and give a brief description of what type of service(s) you are interested in and someone from our firm will get right back to you.


Polaris Music Group's standards are high, we aim to provide the best management guidance for our clients whom we represent.

Today's artist must be a jack of all talents to compete in this industry. Polaris Music Group understands this but we also understand that an artist must not lose their uniqueness in the process of competing with the masses, but enhances their uniqueness to its fullest advantage to be as innovative as possible in the entertainment market and not just limit themselves to the music industry.


Good songs are not good enough when you are preparing to market your music. Music business means the circulation of obtaining money via music. In the music business, everything is centered on your brand not just your music alone. Without a great marketable brand, there is no music business.

Music is not just an artistic expression; it is the axis upon which the music business rotates. So, the first order of business in artist development is to find and master your brand. Finding that niche, and learning how to manage its growth is essential to becoming a successful artist.


Polaris Music Group believes, even in this day and age of the internet, that performing live is still is the best way to promote your music and brand. It’s personal and intimate interaction with your fans.

Polaris Music Group provides booking services, we’ll secure gigs for you. Polaris Music Group will strive to procure the biggest audience for the best value as possible for our clients. From night life, festivals to concerts, intimate private engagements to stadium filling events; Polaris Music Group can handle all your booking needs.


Polaris Music Group provides talent scouting services. Whether you have a record, publishing or a production company we can do the dirty work for you. We’ll screen demos, attend shows and find new artists for you. We also have a huge artists, songwriters, musicians, and producers contact list. Let us help find the talent need for your next project.